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the cliché of an upper east sider.

charles dean follows:

at first glance, you’d say he had it good. the cliché of an upper east sider; the notorious silver spoon, designer clothes varying from tom ford to balenciaga, the best view in new york city and summers spent in southern europe. his parents treated him like the king of the hill and he loved it. despite all the agonising social events, his life was near perfect.

charles was an athletic boy with good grades. how he found free time between school, private french classes and track practice, one could never comprehend. he was polite, only speaking up when necessary. he had a way to win over a person almost instantly. since the early ages the boy had the power over his social circle and he was not afraid to use it. a problem could be made to vanish into thin air if you threw enough money at it, after all.

at second glance, you’d see all the flaws of the dean family. if the walls of hi...

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  • ( m / f ) “all i’m saying is that you’re missing out on life.”

charles and your muse have hit an obstacle in their conversation – jazz or rap music. your muse, who is much more fond of rap music is trying their best to show charles ‘what he’s missing’ by letting him listen to your playlist. charles, on the other hand, is trying to prove that his taste in music is much more tolerable.

  • ( m / f ) “in conclusion, the government is definitely spying on us!”

charles’ evenings are often spent with his nose almost glued to his laptop. an empty dorm had him set his foot in the library to sit quietly and browse the net, having people around him comforted him, even if they were strangers. your muse sees what he’s up to from the corner of the...

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