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Well Guys Im Funby Monkey. Also The US Goverment Wants Me Dead

rudy follows:
  • hey i'm rudy
  • you can also call me kaidon, sans, link, whatever you want really idc
  • i'm 16 + borned on nov. 4th 2000
  • trans boy
  • Fucking Furry
  • im white + able bodied so please tell me if i fuck up and i'll knock it off straight away
  • he/him, never ever use she/her. not even jokingly
  • please don't be fooled by my Edgy™ ids im really just a huge crybaby
  • My favorite pokemon i own is my darling 6iv golisopod his name is scuttlebutt and i love him very much. also my infernape, redd, my very first boy
  • i love the Video Games
  • also animals, cartoons, and the color green
  • i have a cat (cj, my literal child who i ...
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aug 5 2017 +
  • pokemon*
  • earthbound / mother
  • cave story*
  • zelda*
  • homestar runner
  • um jammer lammy / parappa
  • undertale
  • studio ghibli
  • nuclear throne
  • yokai watch*
  • splatoon
  • monster factory / mcelroys
  • a million other video games. i like video games a lot
  • Nintendo owns my ass
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the top tier most important, not in any specific order:

also 100% me, not in any specific order:

pretty minor, ask 2 follow:

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  • i doubt it would really stop anyone but don't follow me if you're racist, a homophobe, transphobe/terf, anti-sj, you get the idea. if you follow me anyway i'll just block you so i guess it doesn't matter lol. also if ur a pedo die
  • don't even look at me if you're an incest shipper. get out, no buts. don't care about your reasoning just stay away
  • <- read the id info over there
  • sometimes i unfollow non-mutuals. it's not you i just start feelin weird after a while ahah
  • don't screenshot me Blease
  • i'd like if you tagged animal abuse**, needles, and fire emblem fates. on the flip side if you need anything tagged let me know and i'll do it
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aug 5 2017 +
  • i got narcolepsy and it fucked my life up
  • i'm autistic and already a low-energy person so it takes a lot for me to even to simple stuff. sometimes i just suddenly. stop talking but dw it's not your fault
  • i have avpd and am working on getting better with it (and mostly failing)
  • uhh i'm like really fuckin depressed. like not even a joke it's just. a massive dark cloud over my life
  • Certain traumatic things have happened in my life that i am not comfortable discussing details of. if you really wanna know pm me and maybe i'll fill you in if we've been mutuals for a while. probably not tho
  • i have really bad trust and abandonment issues because of stuff that's happened before. keep that in mind i guess
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