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i was put on this earth to do one thing and that is to love wimpod

rudy follows:
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  • Rudy / Link
  • 17 yrs old
  • he prns
  • white
  • Big Gay
  • i have a couple brain problems ask if you want
  • Also i have severe self esteem issues so if i suddenly get all whiny don't be surprised
  • read ongoing for fun stuff
  • I appreciate having my tweets liked when read if possible
  • remade on 2/2/18. i didn't sb/unfollow anyone
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feb 26 2018 +
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not unless you gay man

all i ask is that you sb when unfollowing and if i do something i shouldn't please let me know if you can

I always read ppls links even if i don't like the post with them (i have trouble with that...srry)

i'm actually very shy and have trouble replying to posts so please dont be upset if i dont im just a goober and dont wanna accidentally say anythign weird

aaaaand if you don't have any sort of about i may not follow back. its nothing personal

feb 2 2018 ∞
feb 26 2018 +
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  • backloggery - golisopod
  • pokefarm - megalovania
  • curiouscat - aegislash
  • deviantart - thevitalvitriol not like i use it tho
  • 3DS fc - 1822-3404-3129
  • i have a tumblr you can ask me for if you want but the chance of me giving it out is low as it's...embarrassing
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mar 13 2018 +
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  • animal death
  • realistic apocalypse scenarios
  • eye trauma
  • star allies spoilers

that's it

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mar 12 2018 +
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  • i love wimpod and golisopod so so much they mean so much to me and make me really happy and i'd do anything for them
  • i also love the komas from yokai watch a lot
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