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my name is cheryl, i enjoy painting watercolours and reading lengthy translations of greek tragedies. i remain incapable of answering questions simply; i must give a lengthy, complex answer.

'the final countdown' by europe is the best song ever. hands down.

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  • sunny side down a collection of tales of mere existance by lev yilmaz
  • six word memoirs on love and heartbreak as edited by SMITH magazine
  • a big, new, fancy camera.
jun 6 2009 ∞
jun 28 2011 +
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  • i like watching other people do really badly at computer games.
  • i like people playing with my hair.
  • i like art classes where my teacher tells me to paint what i feel; paint to the music and i have free reign to call whatever i produce artistic, when even elephants have produced more thoughtful artwork.
  • i like catching other people singing when they don't realise anybody else is around.
  • i like white space.
  • i like when the people behind me fall asleep on public transport and miss their stop.
  • i like holding hands with people.
  • i like the feeling of tranquility i get when i walk onto a stage.
  • i like falling asleep to rain on a tin roof and waking up to the birds singing.
  • i like it when strangers smile at me when i'm walking down the street.
jun 6 2009 ∞
jun 28 2011 +
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  • grow old with someone
    • and raise happy, well-adjusted, productive members of society
  • read all the undisputed classics
  • publish a book
  • smile ten times every day
  • see the snow
  • sing in front of 1000+ people
  • star in a movie
jun 6 2009 ∞
jun 28 2011 +