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PRODUCE 101 season2 [단독/직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ배진영 - 방탄소년단 ♬봄날 @보컬_포지션 평가 170517 EP.7

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         stuff i’ve read (and loved) , w1 edition

↳ winkdeep

  • boyfriend material ∙ baejin always wears jihoon’s clothes. jihoon ends up saying ‘keep it’ cause baejin looks so cute. but jihoon is steadily running out of clothes.
  • for love ∙ you’d expect it to happen on a friday, or a sunday, because those are the exciting days. maybe even a godforsaken monday, if you’re unlucky. it makes more sense than a wednesday, in every sense. but no. bae jinyoung wakes up smack dab in the middle of the week - a wednesday - with no recollection of the past six months. he doesn’t even know his casting on broduce got confirmed. all he has is (what he thinks is) a measly 10 months of training to his name but somehow, park jihoon’s name on his lips.
  • hey you (i've been looking at you) ∙ there’s no denying at this point that jihoon has full fledged feelings for ...__(fav)__
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