• Wyn

a young 22 years old college student (senior year) and a barista in **** coffee shop. He lives alone in a small apartment in Seoul near his university, while his parents are in Daegu.

he has a small group of friends, he doesn't talk much at first but once you know him he'll be talkative not to mention he is also an awkward potato (whoops) he just need to get comfortable.

he usually work in 7pm kst - 10pm kst on Monday - Thursday and 3pm kst - 11pm kst on Friday - Saturday and then he got a day off on Sunday. Yup, he is THAT busy but pft who am i kidding he is a lazyass, he doesn't do his homework properly.

but damn he needs money to survive.

( t b a )

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  • gmt+7

i also have school sobs please have a mercy one me (?)

  • i'm not here 24/7. sweats. so um gimme a direct message?


  • ENGLISH is NOT my FIRST language so please bear with my ugli english omg how to english properly o n o
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