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Hey hey welcome to my listography! this is my (almost) completed profile that I have ever made.

Yeellow follows:
  • Terrible at drawing fine art, lack of persistence.
  • Sonic Speed sketching
  • Has animation skill in Flipnote Studio.(but somehow rusty)
  • The Laptop has limitation for it’s creation and gaming.
  • Low Charisma, Social Anxiety, can be salty sometimes.
  • Sucks at Open World RPG games, never complete one of them, ever.
  • Hates K-Pop Stereotype, Apple Inc and “Kiashu” people
  • Don’t usually talk about mental negativity, cuz mostly don’t care about it.(even if I talk, people wont show up and help me open up)

Native in Chinese!! English Okay. Currently learning Japanese(not really)

Personal Talk tags : #yeellow you asshole

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aug 13 2017 +

They are hella good shit right there, my all time favourite

  • USUK (Alfred F. Jones/Arthur Kirkland) --Hetalia
  • Yu Narukami --Persona 4
  • The Garrison Trio (Lance/Hunk/Pidge) --NetFlix VLD
  • Uraraka Ochaco --BNHA

They are coolio but not in my top list#this section will change frequently from time to time#

  • Almost everyone --Persona 4
  • SEES --Persona 3
  • Akira, Ryuji, Mishima, Yusuke --Persona 5

If you want to know more of my fave character from other fandom DM me anytime!

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Hello I'm Yeellow , you can call me Yehlawd

  • Non-Binary · No Prefer Pronouns
  • Asexual
  • 18 · ♒ Aquarius · 11th Febuary
  • INFP
  • Chaotic Good
  • Chinese · Malaysian
  • Multifandom
  • FanArtist | Casual Gamer | Wholesome Memelord
  • Actually a Stoat with asshole attitude.
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  • Persona ✧mainly 4✧
  • Pokemon
  • Hetalia (KEK)
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Voltron Legendary Defender

I can talk about:

  • Fate/series? (thinking emoji)
  • Doctor Who (would prefer 10th&11th reincarnation)
  • MCU
  • JoJo Bizarre Adventure
  • Most of Nintendo Franchises

There should be more but is impossible to list them all, so feel free to message me to know more about the other fandoms!

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  • I want to say thanks for checking out my profile, if you have anything to ask just feel free to drop one.
  • Be sure to go to Ongoing tab to read important stuff before you want to do something.
  • My Ko-fi link. I appreciate every support you did!
  • Feel free to send me anything in Sarahah or curiouscat. I will reply as soon as I received.
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You can also find me in other websites too!


  • 3DS : 3540 1183 6429
  • Steam
  • PSN : yehlawd
  • : Yehlawd #1771 (Inactive all the time)

Message me if you want to add me in Discord and Skype.

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