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Hey hey welcome to my listography! this is my (almost) completed profile that I have ever made.

Yeellow follows:

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apr 4 2017 ∞
may 7 2018 +
user picture Sky: Would you mind if I added your 3DS Friend Code? apr 13 2017
user picture Yeellow: ohh uh you wanted to do something in future? Judging the avatar, u wanted to trade or soemthing? apr 15 2017
user picture Sky: I mean I play mostly animal crossing new leaf and I would like to play in more towns then just mine and my family's, but I completely understand if you say no. apr 16 2017
user picture Yeellow: heyy I play animal crossing new leaf too! I always spend my time just to relax in this game, like I reached perfection but I still have more stuff yet to discover. I alr bring some of my friends to visit my town tho. Just hit me up whenever you want to. let's be friend in 3ds lol apr 18 2017
user picture Sky: Nice! I reached a perfect town too, but yeah there is always stuff to do on animal crossing, I'll be sure to give you my code too so you know when I'm on.
user picture Yeellow: lol I will be waiting till u ready apr 20 2017
user picture Sky: my friend code is 5198-3726-1605, and im normally on at night or on weekends
user picture Yeellow: just added, sorry I didnt reply so long because Im really busy with exam right now ;w; may 3 2017
user picture Sky: I'm busy with exams too, don't worry about it, I understand. may 7 2017