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Hey hey welcome to my listography! this is my (almost) completed profile that I have ever made.

Yeellow follows:
  • I never create Blacklist or anything, but please reblog/retweet the spoiler posts at minimum with the caution
  • I never have any NOTP, so Im basically fine for most of shipping, I might question myself sometimes if there's something going on.
  • I mostly reply in speed of light, but if you didnt see me reply/seen within 1 hour, I probably at school/work/afk/sleep/gaming. You can try to notify again if you worry about not noticing your message for long period of time.
  • For the love of god please do not repost my art without my permission!
  • Best not to use/tag my artwork as your kin thank you very much.
apr 18 2017 ∞
oct 13 2017 +