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Giant fic rec

There will be no major character deaths or unhappy endings.

Most will be Yoonseok and Namjin. There will/might be some VHope, JiHope, VKook, JiKook, VMin.

! - NSFW
♡ - Personal Favourite
△ - Chaptered
○ - One-shot

HS follows:

Unknown: [Picture sent] wait wait a second i f*cked up wrong number I F*CKED UP HOW 2 UNSEND SH*T

Yoongi: okay, one: why are you sending dick pics to someone you don’t already have in your contacts two: why the fuck do you put an asterisk in your curse words and three: you kind of have a nice dick so thanks for sharing??

Yoongi has spent his whole life chasing after the sun, never expecting the sun to be in a flower shop, of all places.

(Or: Yoongi is the literal god of the sun and Hoseok. Well, Hoseok is a florist who gives the sun a run for his money.)

"honestly you really suck at this sport but don’t worry i’m going to give you private coaching lessons everyday after school"

Stupidity sends both Hoseok and Yoongi to the ER, which is where they meet.

The three times Yoongi goes to dance club practice and the one time he doesn’t.

Yoongi supposes that throwing up on someone isn't a very attractive way of making a first impression.

(Or: Yoongi is an uninspired producer and Hoseok, well, Hoseok is something between a dream and a miracle.)

"I made a horrible impression in the airport and thought I’d never have to see you again, but I just found out you’re in the seat next to me for the entire flight” AU.

Yoongi’s just trying to date the possible love of his life, Jung Hoseok. But the package deal includes five asshole friends and a theoretically infinite number of disasters.

Basically: a series of moments where Yoongi wonders why his friends and also god hate him.

someone has been stealing hoseok's parking spot for a month, and he's honestly just really salty about it.

coincidentally, the cute new music production professor happened to show up a month ago.

Hoseok clicked the link in the DM by accident. He didn’t mean to read it, to keep reading it, to let it colour his interactions with Yoongi but--how could he not?

Yoongi didn’t mean to start writing it, didn’t mean for it to get so much attention. But at 80,000 hits his worst nightmare had come true in the form of a DM: Author-nim, I sent Hobi the link to your fics!

Convinced that Hoseok is a) straight and b) not the kind of guy to check his DMs, he left it up. However, he can’t help but notice the way that Hoseok’s gaze lingers on him longer these days, the way he smiles wider, lets a hand casually fall over his.

Or the fic where a fan sends Hobi the link to a Yoonseok fic, Hobi gets hooked, and Yoongi is the fandom’s most famous Yoonseok author.

Sleepy eyes and silver hair, chapped lips and pale skin, shivering hands and a raspy voice.

“Please,” he croaks, and he’s shaking, a sheer black top and tight jeans useless against the chill of a winter night. “Please, I- I promise, I’ll make it worth your while.”


Hoseok tries not to feel too guilty as he says it.

College AU - Hoseok's roommate keeps drawing dicks on his face, and Yoongi is the only guy on the hall with makeup wipes and foundation. Hoseok is the cute lab partner that Yoongi has had a crush on all semester. Makeup doesn't usually feel this intimate, does it?

Basically: Yoongi touches Hoseok's face a lot, and Hoseok starts to like it.

“I dare you to egg a house.” Jungkook finished.

“...Any house?” Hoseok regretted asking the moment he saw Jungkook’s grin get bigger.

“Nah hyung. I’ll tell you which one.” Jungkook stood up, stretching his arms above his head.


He was still getting scolded, when Hoseok noticed a guy his age, peak out the door with a look of confusion and amusement. Hoseok recognized him from university.

Hoseok said the first thing that came to his mind, “U-Um Officer...Min, your son is my ex-boyfriend and I caught him I was angry. Still am. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to trash your pretty home.” Hoseok bowed as the words left his mouth, praying in his head that the boy would play along. When he rose back, he saw the boy with raised eyebrows hidden under his dark hair.

AKA ‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ au

Officer Jeon has his eyes on Mr. Adorable.

Officer Min has a strange neighbor he can't seem to keep out of his life.

Captain Kim finds comfort in his son's homeroom teacher.

Well, cops need some loving too, right?

Officer Jeon still has his eyes on Mr. Adorable.

Officer Min is a little bit in love with his neighbor.

Captain Kim finds comfort in his new family.

It's happily ever after for everyone...right? I mean, really, what can possibly go wrong?

Evening shift at a convenience store. Night shift at a bar. Construction work when there is an opening.

Hoseok's newest part-time job? Babysitting the out-of-control, unreadable, defiant son of the richest man in Korea. Hopefully, the hefty paycheck is worth the effort.

yoongi really, really likes some soundcloud rapper's song.

he also happens to really, really like the idea of being fucked by aforementioned rapper.

but, for now, yoongi's stuck alone in his room, stereo volume on full blast and his hand wrapped around his dick while he fantasizes about some guy he’s never seen. wonderful.

Look, guys, Yoongi has got this all under control, okay. He's gonna be fine. With a blog rating dick pics and a long standing crush on his best friend, what could possibly go wrong?

yoongi’s old, jealous, insecure, embarrassed, undoubtedly in love with hoseok and hates im jaebum

Stranger: hi

You: hey u ever hear of agust d

You: cause i put that as my One Interest and no one is here that likes agust d

You: and i would literally cut off my foot for another mixtape yknow

Or, the time where Agust D meets a really, really, really cute fanboy

Yoongi takes a pointed step backwards and glares at "Hobi". "What the fuck kind of name is that," he says, "and don't touch me."

Namjoon makes a funny noise. Yoongi ignores it for the sake of eviscerating "Hobi" with his stare. It seems to be weirdly ineffective.


Yoongi is hired to work Tech Support and Security for Jung Corp and it'd honestly be pretty chill if it wasn't for this one obnoxiously handsome dude whose life mission it seems to be to bother Yoongi until he breaks.

Yoongi & Hoseok have to take care of an awfully realistic baby doll for health class.

_ Hoseok notices something different about Yoongi one day, but he can’t figure out what. That is, until he notices the shine of silver coming from inside Yoongi’s mouth, and all of a sudden it’s all Hoseok can think about._

One can expect to see many things when moving into a new place, but a masked man in a leather jacket giving him a bouquet of flowers at his door was definitely not something Hoseok expected.


Yoongi blankly stares at his left wrist. Another batch of parallel lines decorating his very pale complexion. Another batch of parallel lines over parallel scars. Another batch of parallel lines revealing how his soulmate is feeling as of the moment.


(soulmate au where whatever written/marks you have in your body your soulmate has it too)

traight fuckboy Hoseok discovers he's not so straight because of (thanks to?) one very openly gay Min Yoongi.

Yoongi's friends are hosting a party, and want to hire a stripper. Yoongi is against the idea, but his mindset soon changes when he meets the ball of sunshine called Hoseok, a "newbie" stripper. Yoongi starts to find out how real and similar Hoseok actually is to him. And the person he was against this whole time was never really a stripper, but a desperate and anxious man looking for a job and soulmate.

Can Yoongi provide the happiness Hoseok craves, and Yoongi knows deserves, or will this whole thing crumble in their faces because of Yoongi's fear?


Grumpy Yoongi gets whipped for Stripper/Barista!Hoseok

"unknown: it’s going to sound creepy anyway but i think i got your dog? by mistake? not my mistake, tho"


never trust late night singers with cute dogs

The looks from the public that he receives helps Yoongi remember just how incomplete he really is. But Hoseok isn't just some guy.

In his final year of university, Min Yoongi is assigned to share a room with easy-going Jung Hoseok, which only becomes a problem when Hoseok decides on bringing back a random stranger every odd night of the week, rendering Yoongi sleepless. In a failed attempt to confront Hoseok about the loud volume of his nights of passion, Yoongi finds himself at the mercy of his own reckless desire and the way Hoseok's body seems to know every inch of his, as if Hoseok had been studying him like he were some sort of exotic dance.

Unwilling to give in to his heart yet yearning for the feel of Hoseok's body pressed up against his, and with Hoseok's unwillingness to partake in a committed relationship and unable to find the pleasure he craves with no one but Yoongi, the two agree to become fuckbuddies - a mutually exclusive term to define friends who fuck. It was simple really, yet anything but. Yoongi soon comes to realise that more is at stake than his own desire; perhaps there is more to Jung Hoseok that meets the eye, and despite himself, Yoongi wants everything and more.

It was never supposed to end up like this, not with Jung Hoseok's - the Jung Hoseok, the most successful man of the decade -ringed hands trailing over his bare shoulders and cupping the nape of his neck before kissing at his mouth, which was far too eager to feel Jung Hoseok's lips against his. Yoongi had just wanted a job, but he supposed the rates that Jung Hoseok was paying him far exceeded any other gig AFE had gotten him. He also supposed that he shouldn't have listened to the yearning of his heart and allowed Jung Hoseok to shatter any act he had had been paid to adorn. It had all led to this.

- Kim Taehyung:

AFE = Assistants for Events. You know that hiring fake boyfriends or girlfriends used to be popular for people who needed to convince their families they were dating?

- Min Yoongi:


You’re telling me That this is a fake-dating service. For famous people

- Kim Taehyung: In a very general and simplified sense Yes.

October 3rd - Public sex.

They had both been lying on the grass in the local park, looking at the stars. They were in a segregated area where only few people could see them. Yoongi had a long black skirt on, shoes and shirt off, both discarded on the ground, and he was only wearing a black top to cover his chest. He was now placed on top of his boyfriend's body, kissing him and touching him everywhere. Hoseok's hands were on Yoongi's waist, his short nails digging into his skin.

Jung Hoseok has had an awkward Thing for Min Yoongi for four years of his school life. He is certain that the only thing that gets in the way of them and everlasting love is the fact that Min Yoongi doesn't know he exists, but that all changes due to one drunken text message: a pick-up line.

Ready to flee to another country under a false identity in mortification, he finds himself ruining their blossoming friendship and confessing when Yoongi asks why Hoseok had tried to flirt with him. However, things take a turn after his confession when Yoongi starts to (awkwardly) flirt back.

If there's anything Sunhee's taught Hoseok, then it's that he shouldn't be afraid to take giant leaps of faith.

(or: that one tried and true au where hoseok is a single parent and yoongi is his daughter’s pre-school teacher, and somehow, someway, everything just turns absolutely perfect and magical.)

Taehyung's life changes when his father hires a bodyguard for him, Jeon Jungkook.

Yoongi is shamelessly whipped for Hoseok but don't know what to do with it.

Seokjin just enjoys making Namjoon blush.

Jimin swore he'll never date because he's surrounded by a bunch of losers.

The first time Yoongi sees Hoseok, he’s fucking torching a car.

or Hoseok's only masquerading as a regular guy in college and Yoongi's just taken along for the ride.

Namjoon convinced Yoongi to work at a summer camp, so here he is with a nosy roommate that stirs up trouble and a cute events coordinator that catches his eye.

dad jokes: You know, I was thinking

dad jokes: If you were to choose 3 words to describe this group chat, what would they be?

minsugagenius: Should Not Exist

shmoopie: A Fatal Mistake

hoesucc: Worst Error Ever

jungcock: I Wanna Die

taehung: Boi Me Too


dad jokes: Ok so no more group dynamics, got it


Or a tale of pining, obliviousness and a whole lot of fuckery. All in the name of friendship, of course!

Taek me away: i stg if you bring that nasty fuckin daddy shit into my life again i’ll kill you

J-hoe: what’d they do today

Taek me away: i was just tryna get a fucking snack at yours and namjoon’s so i went in the kitchen and these fuckin nerds were cuddling in the living room no problem and namjoon gets up to get a drink no big deal whatever

Taek me away: BUT FUCKIN JIN

How awful must it feel that the universe didn't think you were good enough to have a soulmate?

Hoseok gets a bit drunk and responsibly sends a sexy nude to the wrong number he mistakens for as his ex's. It doesn't go as bad as he thought.

“Okay, but for real, why’d you want to skype?”

Hoseok bites his lip and stares into the camera, spreading his legs wider and rubbing at his thighs more obviously now.

“Wait, so you made me download skype, to have… skype sex?"

Yoongi figures he owes it to his professor to at least try to fulfill the assignments of the “lifestyle improvement” class he got enrolled in.

Even if that means hugging his roommate.

Three times a day.

When Jungkook & Taehyung go with Jimin to meet his older “friend”, they did not expect their whole lives to change.

There's a boy in Yoongi's studio. A painfully attractive boy. But still, a boy that should not be in Yoongi's studio.

"Urm, hi. I'm Hoseok."

In which 3rd year music student Min Yoongi is forced to share his beloved sanctuary, his music studio, with first year Music and Dance student Jung Hoseok. You can work out how well that goes...

hoesock87: I refuse to believe that u didn’t just google “cute asian twink” to get that selfie

yoongay: i am a cute asian twink. r u tryna fuck me or no

(or: yoonseok meet on grindr)

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