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  • We will eventually be DELETING COMMENTING CAPABILITIES. Please save any comments you want to keep soon. If you want people to be able to interact with you, you can leave your contact info in your "about me" box.
  • We are becoming too prone to spam and Listography is not a social media website. We are helping you to keep your lists about your life for you.
  • Thank you!
feb 4 2019 ∞
feb 4 2019 +
user picture Venus: I'll definitely miss the comments, but I understand the reasoning and think it's likely for the best. Thank you guys for being awesome ^_^ feb 9 2019
user picture M: Thank you for all that you guys have done. I absolutely love this site! feb 10 2019
user picture Alessandre: Oh no, it’s going to be SO so frustrating when I find someone I vibe with and they haven’t added any contact info because they didn’t read this. I want to be able to keep in touch with people :( feb 12 2019
user picture Giocarda: This makes me very sad :( mar 21 2019
user picture devotion: I'd assume this also meant profile links? Because I remember those too were utilized by spam accounts... or are they coming back? jun 1 2019
user picture listography: profile links will be coming back when we make the change oct 24 2019
user picture petra: Why not just make it so that comments have to be approved by the list's creator to be seen? And that users can only comment once before being approved by a user? Please don't get rid of comments :( There will be no way to communicate effectively! jun 22 2019
user picture fairytale: Thank you for the update, it would be nice if we could save individual lists from people sep 1 2019