• this acc is basically me screaming more about my other faves (and for things im not comfortable sharing on main)
  • im here 95% of the time
  • if i deactivate my main that means im here i promise im not dead
  • u can request only if i give u this account or if i follow u first. however, pls be aware that i often sb people (both main and private accounts) because my anxiety is a bitch, so i do my best to try and keep my followers 35-40. nothing personal but i consider this account my safe zone
  • idm being muted or sbed, its all chill and i love u
  • you dont need to tell me if youre going to softblock me, you can do it its all good!!
jan 11 2019 ∞
mar 5 2019 +
  • a shitton of livetweets, i love livetweeting things (mainly for myself to look back to them, kinda like keeping memories i guess)
  • sometimes rants abt irl stuff in both arabic and english
  • nsfw talk (about otps and stuff, if it makes you uncomfortable please do not request)
  • bl manga maybe
  • admiration for gorey art (very rare tho)
  • boring daily life details, game talk, lovemail, rambles about characters
  • Might express it if i dont like a certain character, if i know u like that character i will not let u in for ur own good
  • i find great joy in blocking ppl so i might talk about that too
jan 13 2019 ∞
jan 14 2019 +
  • vents or anything regarding my mental state

would rather not see:

  • those 'viral' negative tweets that only exist to make ppl bad about themselves, i will block whoever tweets them and sb whoever rts them if they do it too often
  • irl porn, i dont mind seeing it but not every 5 mins, u know :)

will sb if:

  • my follower count goes over 35-40 max
  • i see the tweets i talked about above
  • youre not comfortable with (fictional) nsfw (esp if its enst related bc i know a lot of ppl who dont want to see it)
  • you screenshot my tweets w/o my permission
jan 13 2019 ∞
mar 5 2019 +