• my name is kael or akkim but feel free to never call or perceive me ever
  • i am 16 years old born on july 16 feel free to give me gifts i would accept them and in return i will give you my pillow which might as well be considered as a declaration of lo
  • my pronouns are she/they and im ace
  • i can use filipino and english fluently. i can read korean and japanese but i can only understand the basics
  • i also dont know my mbti as my personality is non-existent
  • feel free to talk to me on the tl. i have no sense of knowing who are my friends and who arent so there is always A Line that i will not cross
oct 18 2020 ∞
oct 18 2020 +
  • currently invested in genshin impact this is my first moba game pls let me be happ
  • i also like anime i guess
  • ok i like anime a lot but i dont talk about a lot of anime do you get it
  • the only animes i ever talk about: hq, jjk, jshk, bsd (aka i like pain do you see now why ill never be happy)
  • i like mangas too
oct 18 2020 ∞
oct 18 2020 +
  • more things about me i genuinely dont know if you're interested or why you're interested but yeah here we go
  • i like fics in my ongoing there Will Be a list of fic recs be warned those are mostly (all) sakuatsu so if you dont like sakuatsu then dont bother reading that list
  • speaking of ships, i mainly ship sakuatsu but i have a disease called if-either-sakusa-or-atsumu-is-in-that-ship-then-count-me-in disease i highly encourage you to stay away from me as it might be contagious
  • if you dont wanna bother reading that long fic rec list then here are some swag ao3 authors:
    • perennials
    • awkwardedgeworth
    • Deathbelle
oct 18 2020 ∞
oct 18 2020 +