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  • insta - @crystaldolphinpotato
  • tumblr - @crystaldolphinpotato
  • youtube - CrystalDolphinPotato

hEcc i know i use the same name for everything but it helps me keep track of them better instead of forgetting all of my usernames

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  • im 14 atm
  • i was born on the 13th of april 2003
  • im an aries sun, libra rising and virgo moon
  • i'm bi
  • i go by any pronouns
  • i'm half swedish and half croatian
  • i currently live in croatia
  • i know croatian, swedish and english fluently
  • i'm also learning french, german and italian
  • i'm generally a very anxious person
  • my favorite color is blue
  • my favorite foods are salad, ramen noodles, pancakes and sushi. nothing too interesting lmao
  • i really love aliens!!
  • i love animals a lot!! especially dolphins, reptiles and rats. :D
  • and :D i :D really :D love :D using :D th...
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main fandoms atm:

  • ava's demon
  • hamilton
  • hetalia (sort of??)
  • homestuck
  • clash royale/clash of clans - idk if there really are any fandoms for these games but i love them and i would give my life for each character
  • acd sherlock - //not to be confused with bbc sherlock//
  • youtubers - Fave youtubers atm are Pewds, Jack, Mark, Mikenactor, YuB, Elvis the alien, Memeulous, Princess Aspien, Kody Co, Pyro, Vanimy, Adnan, Yasserstain, Peter Day, Tanya Rae, Daz, DestinyPath, Dan Bull, ImAllex and many, MANY others.
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