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  • insta - @crystaldolphinpotato
  • tumblr - @crystaldolphinpotato
  • youtube - CrystalDolphinPotato

hEcc i know i use the same name for everything but it helps me keep track of them better instead of forgetting all of my usernames

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  • atm i'm 14 - 13/04/2003 - Aries
  • i'm bi
  • i go by any pronouns
  • i'm half swedish and half croatian
  • i currently live in croatia, slavonia (region)
  • i know croatian, swedish and english fluently
  • i'm also learning french, german and italian
  • i'm generally a very anxious person
  • my favorite color is blue
  • my favorite foods are salad, ramen noodles, pancakes tbh and sushi (i know i'm lame i'M SORRY AAAA)
  • i really love aliens!!
  • i really love animals a lot too!! especially dolphins, reptiles and rats. :D
  • and :D i :D really :D love :D using :D this :D emoticon :DDD
  • i'm vvvv interested in robots and AI, nat...
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