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  • jung hoseok/min yoongi
  • They must be inebriated.
  • They must not kiss.
  • if you haven't read this yet... do it now.one of the best yoongi characterization out there. very soft dynamics, but some of the best smut out there. i've said it before and i'll say it again: marienadine is the Queen of make out descriptions... will make you hot and bothered, but also maybe cry.
  • kim taehyung/jeon jungkook
  • one of my fav taekook fic i've ever read. the dynamics between them is incredibly accurate. in fact, i don't know anyone who depicts jungkook as well and accuratetly as RNA. they really get his personality. self-discovery, gay awakening kinda fic. namjoon's character in this is fantastic. read it. the smut's awesome.
    • no clue by pornographicpenguin
    • summary:
      • The camera shakes a little as Jungkook tightens his grip around his cock, but he does his best to keep still. He looks good.

Jungkook is, like, ninety percent sure this is how flirting works.

  • one of my fav writers in this fandom. the depiction of anxiety in this is top-notch. super cute despite the smutty plot. great read. very realistic.
  • goddamn. some of the best smut i've ever read. switch taekook rise! we don't see alot of switch dynamics in the bts fandom, sadly. so thank you, rix, for this. very interesting and well written storyline. age gap, be careful. the power dynamics are just too good tho.
    • only breathing-aquiver by sharleena
    • summary:
      • Like all things about Taehyung, being loved by him is loud, messy and familiar. Under lilac neon lights his hair is a shade lighter and his skin is gold, Jungkook's hands tremble when he touches it and Taehyung keeps mixing weird sauces in his ramen.

“Do you still quiver when I touch you?” “Always.”

This is a prequel/spinoff of Only Breathing, though it could potentially be read on its own.

  • fascinating universe, i liked this one better than only breathing. a story about how love is not always healthy, not always beautiful. i really liked this. funny. i love the concept of it.
  • such a cute story. very sweet. good read. interesting take on werewolves! au. we love relationship growth.

Jeongguk has had some pretty stupid ideas, but this is by far the best one.

  • so hot. the best take on bdsm i've read so far. very realistic. the taekook characterization is godtier. I love this taehyung.
    • i'd flex but I like this shirt by RNA
    • summary:
      • Jeongguk is a rigorous trainer at a pretentious gym. Taehyung is a lazy, moderately successful painter with a Burger King addiction who decides he should probably hire Jeongguk to, you know, help him get fit or whatever.

Jimin is a delivery guy.

  • soooooo funny. very lighthearted fic, but so good. rna is just one of these authors, you know. realistic, entertaining. read it.
    • jungkook's starts by vanishedelf
    • summary:
      • Jungkook is a dancer. Taehyung is an artist. The two of them meet for the first time at a party, and while everything seems hell-bent on becoming a picture book romance, Jungkook is almost certain that if Taehyung finds out that he is trans, the whole thing will crumble apart. Little does he know, Taehyung is an absolute sweetheart.

Or A trans Jungkook story with happy outcomes <3

  • story about a trans individual. so good, so cute, so emotional. if you're trans, this might awake mixed emotions in you, just because taehyung in this is so perfect, is so close to every trans person's dream romantic interest, that it might make you sad, knowing people like that are very rare to fall upon. but overall amazing story and the smut is toptier, showing that trans bodies can be sexy and sex is not just for cishets.
  • man... I cant with this mf marienadie… this is SO good, and it's mostly just about kissing which is the best idea they ever had!! they really write the best makeout scenes in the world and they're funny and their characterization are on point. read it if you wanna literally laugh out loud and squirm from the fluff.
  • park jimin/min yoongi

(nb: _I usually dont like how people write yoonmin, so the fics i'll be rec'ing are only specifically so good I couldnt help but do it, I just want to give a quick s/o to those writers who know how to write jimin and yoongi as they really are and not as weird hetero-abusive archetypes lmfao_)

also why were u sendin some dude who u never texted before nudes that’s like a really bad idea u shold be smarter i’m drunk

  • funny, cute, smutty, realistic... a really awesome text fic. super emtertaining read. some great coding too oof.

Jimin does his utmost to think of an inoffensive way to say, What do you mean by ‘lately’? In which Min Yoongi apologizes for no reason and then promptly does a whole bunch of confusing shit worth apologizing for.

  • one of the best bts fics i've fell upon. very very very realistic. the characterization is so good it's scary. my fav yoongi I've ever read as of right now. the writer had it, thats yoongi, that's who he is. that's how he is. perfect perfect, complicated, soft, emotional, scared, defensive yoongi with his peculiar dry humor and romantic soul and shy nature and jimin in this!! I hate when people write jimin as a happy go lucky cutie as if he's a bit clueless and not frightening at all in yoonmin fics.jimin and yoongi /are/ very alike!! it's not for nothing joonie sorted both of them in slytherin!! they are both ambitious and extremely complex human beings, they are defensive and proud and very emotional people. they are both very kin to trying to be stronger than. they are, I think they still have difficulties with seeing their softness and sensitivity as weaknesses rather than wonderful strengths. seokjin was super well written in this too, i loved him.
  • so adorable and soft and sweet i really liked this one. awesome characterization and the promp is just too cute i love it. one of the best fluff-fic out there.
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