"...I could try to face up to my face. I could examine the ways in which it defines my nature; setting down a record of it, I could explore the assertion, 'That is me.'"

Self-Portraits to Examine:

  • Jan van Eyck: Man in the Red Turban
  • Albrecht Durer: Self-Portrait 1500
  • Caravaggio: Boy with Fruit Basket; David with Head of Goliath
  • Rembrandt van Rijn: Self-Portrait 1658; Self-Portrait 1659; Self Portrait with Two Circles 1665 - 1669
  • Rosalba Carriera: Self-Portrait as Winter
  • Gustave Courbet: Self-Portrait: The Desperate Man
  • Paul Cezanne: Self-Portrait 1880-1881
  • Eugene Carriere: Self-Portrait 1890s
  • Vincent van Gogh: Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat; Self Portrait 1889
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