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I am the cancer. You are the cure. (ಸ ‿ ಸ)

Even without purpose and meaning in life, you shouldn't bring death to others besides yourself.

JD follows:
nojhs crushes (fuck list)
people (nice things people did for me 18/19)
autobio (things I've been made fun of for)
notes (music and games)
notes (p*rn)

Yeah, I think that would be it for starters.

  • >1) Posters cannot reference themselves as or imply that they are women.

>2) Posters cannot reference themselves as or imply that they are non-virgins. >3) Do not make porn threads or post porn (clothed and nude) for the sole intent of fawning over, but NSFW posting is allowed >4) Camwhoring(tinychat/omegle),hookup, "rate me" threads, and posts and threads regarding relationships should go on /soc/. >5) Person worship threads (like Ashley Jones/Rose threads) are not allowed.

  • >1) Posters cannot reference themselves as or imply that they are women.

>2) Posters cannot reference themselves as or imply that they are non-virgins.

>3) Do not make porn threads or post porn (clothed and nude) for the sole intent of fawning over, but NSFW posting is allowed BUT with spoilers.

>4) Camwhoring(tinychat/omegle),hookup, "rate me" threads, and posts and threads regarding relationships should go on /soc/.

>5) Person worship threads (like Ashley Jones/Rose threads) are not allowed. ////////////////////

$(document).ready(function() { var filteredTerms = ["politics"]; $(".thread").each(function(index) { var threadSubject = $(this).find(".subject:first"); if (filteredTerms.some(function(v) { return threadSubject.text().toLowerCase().indexOf(v.toLowerCase()) >= 0; }) && threadSubject.parent().parent().hasClass("post-hidden") !== true) { threadSubject.parent().siblings(".hide-post-link").trigger("click"); }

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// Modernization attempt. $(() => $(".subject").map( (_, x) => /politic/i.test(x.textContent) && !x.closest(".post-hidden") && $(x.closest(".thread").querySelector(".hide-post-link")).click() ) );

  •            ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,      
  •              .   ゚      .             .

      ,       .                                  ☀️                                                        .           .             .                                                                                        ✦        ,               

  • The qualities I would like:

Be a male virgin who does not hate male virgins or male virginity, including male virgins whose virginity stems from being worse off than him, socially, educationally, financially, genetically or otherwise.2 necessarily extends to not hating himself and his own virginity, and most of the worst incel qualities would be excluded and most of the best volcel qualities would be encouraged in consequence

  • No talking about student life
  • I want a happy hugbox full of people who are conscientious and thoughtful and perfect, not because I am thoughtful, happy or perfect, but because I would enjoy it best if other people who are also in my situation showed that such is possible, and sustainable, particularly if iron-fisted rules were not required to make them so.
  • If you really feel that way you're doing yourself a disservice by being here.
  • Don't get caught up in labels
  • User can enable thread IDs
  • One reply per post
  • Compact thread layout
  • OP can create tags freely and use up to 5 per thread
  • Enforcement of tags to stay on topic
  • Create and define new tag rather than police "doing it wrong"
  • beginning a line with ^ would make the text in the line scroll like TempleOS window titles
  • auto delete post after x feature
  • A password field for every post that encrypts everything, no ability to post WITHOUT a password, no plaintext stored on the server. Automatic generation of public keypairs for each post so you can have anonymous private messaging and replies.

Keep everything clientside, and there's no need for moderation, as the server owner has no defacto ability to see what's posted and the users can filter out spammers by private messaging eachother passwords, forming their own per-community web of trust. Go even further and just make the board an encrypted fileserver, put everything in a browser extension that can pull from a list of servers that support the format. Since everything encrypted and the service is redundant, running a server isn't very risky, and neither is pulling from untrusted servers. Everyone runs one if they want, and includes all the links they find to the list they draw posts from.

  • meta tags which are not for posting under
  • Copy the principle behind IRC/Matrix. Instead of webshit, you separate the frontend from the imageboard. Make a client that connects to user-run servers, and requests common data such as threads/posts/announcement/etc. The server should also be easy to set up, if kids can click minecraft_serber.exe to run their minecraft servers, imageboards can do the same to let anyone instantly host their own board without technical knowhow or installing gentoo. It would be able to store servers/boards in your favorites, so you can easily switch between them seamlessly without having to remember addresses or anything. A javashit web interface could be created as well to mimic old imageboards being on the browser.

Advantages - impossible for the server to track anything more than your IP, since the client is on your computer and thus the server can't shove scripts or cookies at you nor receive browser fingerprints or anything. Also since boards are on various servers nobody can know you go to /zoo/ except for the owner of that board itself. - decentralization makes it impossible to censor or shut down since people can easily run their own servers with their own rules, and nobody else can do shit about it. - simpler/faster server architecture is possible since it doesn't need to render HTML pages at all, and can more intelligently request information (as opposed to loading everything every pageview). - much more customizable than some shitty webpage that comes as a fixed html document with a bunch of unnamed elements all over in awkward configurations and is inconsistent between pages and possibly changes periodically. Yes I'm looking at 8chan right now. - possibly more interesting features since it's a desktop program, for example opening files in your own programs (e.g. videos in MPCHC) without having to "download" it, or you could add your reaction image folder in the settings and it'll show files from it automatically when you add an image. Maybe you could give it a folder and it'll post all the files in it one by one. Disadvantages - board naming and linking to them is harder. Instead of typing just >>>/tech/, you'd have to type >>> or something, which will get much more annoying if the server doesn't have a neat and short URL like that. Also you can't just say "/v/ is shit" or "/prog/ is better" since you can't tell which server is being referred to. - hard to embed things like youtube since it requires a web browser system. - maybe harder to add a cloudflare botnet. I don't know how that kind of thing works but you could probably add 2 server "modes", the normal one lets the client request anything however it wants, and the second one only serves fixed JSON "pages" that can then be cached by cloudflare or whatever. - harder to make custom styles unless the client uses some esoteric UI system. Simple color swaps could be easy though. - features will be limited to the user's client and the server owner can't really change it. For example if the client didn't display announcements on the page, there's no way for the server owner to make them appear. It's fine if the client attempts to support everything imaginable though.

  • leave notes for specific mods
  • ipv6/tls1.3
  • >Regardless of the consequences, humans are often at their happiest when they are seeking, learning, exploring, and manipulating-in, and-on the environment around them.

>If you want to create a product that is engaging and/or addictive, satisfy the seeking system and affective reward system — allow people to explore, express themselves, and receive positive social cues based on their input.

  • Graffiti artboard: every post includes publicly viewable IP address, anyone can post, anyone can delete anyone's post (free censorship), delete rate throttled based on post rate
  • "member" limit, "forced" contribution i.e. creating a thread or getting deleted
  • OP can design entry/posting condition for his thread e.g. a quiz
  • hardware fingerprinting on mobiles
  • encrypted section?
  • federation: so anyone who hosts an imageboard can set it up to allow other imageboards to read and post to the imageboard in a corehent manner, so that one could set up a "megaboard" that aggregates other imageboards, like how travel agencies aggregate flights from different airlines, accomodations from different hotels, hostels, inns, etc.. The "backend" would probably have each post stored as it's own thing with a bunch of tags, some which might specify things like which threads, boards, chans, etc. it belongs to and in which positions, and the generic interface would be to access this database, so it's like booru style for any data, not just images, and the 'imageboards' would then be interfaces to these databases, more for organizing the presentation of the data.

Also, Imageboards as they are have -nyms as an afterthought, or are actively discouraged. I would have it set up more like a traditional BBS, except that registration would never be required, nor actively discouraged. I would probably also have it set up so that the user can have their own imageboard on their machine that only they can access, where they can set it up to post to other boards, forums, mailing lists, usenets, blags, other fairly benign systems, dreadits, twatters, faceblocks, and other not so benign systems. Also, I would have it set up so that anyone can mirror/host any posts they like, and so that anyone would be able to access the posts they would want from any of the available mirrors. this might 'solve' the moderation problem, by having the information markets, and, for some people, their own personal taste as well, decide what information is kept and what is not. If people want to read soykaf posts, let them read soykaf posts, but they'll have to pay for it anyway, so they'll have even more incentive to not read soykaf posts, and by not reading soykaf posts, they will effectively vote with their ears (really, with their wallets, but that would be dictated by their ears, so yeah.), so the readers will be an en masse moderation, which would be resistant to censorship, because anyone would be able to quickly mirror it as soon as it's up, and decide for themselves whether it's something worth supporting, and there are always enough cultured people who will uphold high culture regardless of immediate profits, who will be, have always been, and are currently, the only true bastions of free culture. Also, I would have it set up so that people could charge other people however much for accessing their copies of the content, advertizing the prices, of course, so that there is no need for advertizing and other bad practises so common on the internet, and so that people can make an extra buck by having their cinderblock do something other than idling 90% of the time, other than the cliche cryptomining, etc.

  • I would make it collect all possible data that it could, and then, rather than selling it, just publish it for all visitors to have available to them. Equal access is key. Also, this would make people care more about what they post, because then they would see exactly what everyone can know about them from what they do, which would cause people to not post sensitive information, which would cause the number of data leaks exposing sensitive data to be lower, and would cause the harm done by any data leaks to be lower.
  • Stuff that lainchan / vichan has includes:

Captcha's (this isn't merged yet because it doesn't integrate well, it also isn't enabled here)

Filters (If post has certain criteria then either prevent post from being posted or delete post after certain time frame or some other action) Field input randomization and Spam Hash. (this is inherited from tinyboard) Manual deletion by moderators Report notification bot which notifies moderators and janitors of reported posts.

  • An alternative might be certificates issued individual users via some automated process. From that point on a given user has to post to the board using the certificate. It removes the need to remember user names and passwords.

User names, passwords and certificates are useful as a filtering mechanism, anyway. One thing about communities is that they generally have some gateway requirement to ensure that people really interested in the community get in (because they'll make the effort to fulfill) the requirement and everyone else stays out.

  • The token would be essentially a password and username in one. You log in, your browser sets an HTTP session cookie with your token, you can now make requests to the server and invite people. I have some tree-ban functionality written.
  • it would be interesting to do something like this with the tokens generated is pgp-like web of trust combined with elements of an SSL PKI hierarchy. users "invite" other users by signing their private key (i.e. token). these signatures can be revoked. maybe you decide on some minimum number of signatures to make a key 'valid' for the purposes of posting. maybe this number changes based on the users post count, sort of like seeding ratio requirements on a private tracker -- i.e. new users only require a single signature, but as they post more they will require more signatures. idk there's definitely some bugs to work out... some of this stuff wouldn't really work if everyone was always anonymous.
  • Mods are to moderate users not content.

are users interested in this? is x disruptive to the discussion of y?

first option

turn chan into an irc model. IRC has multiple servers for one signal "channel". like wise have a bunch of nodes running chan and allow nodes to take the load of chan. Hard to ddoss when there isnt a signal attack point and its spread out.

second option

multi parallel dimension string theory chan.

have a bunch of independent chans boards, which use the same api. each chan will show what the other chans are doing. so for example you have bananachan and applechan and strawberrychan each would have their own pols and bs shit. banachan pol would show whats on applechan and strawberry pol and likewise for the other chans. and maybe even each one would archive the others.

  • Preview before Submit
  • OP locks 5 tags
  • tags vs keyword metadata
  • This is an idea I wish was more widely spread: Every (well connected) community necessarily excludes some people.

In a tightly-moderated community people who don't contribute will get derezzed. In a highly-political community discussions will descend into tribe-fights, and one tribe will push all the others out. In a lightly-moderated community trolls and soykafposters will drive everyone else out, before turning on each other. "Good moderation" in my opinoin is as much about deciding WHO your community is intended for as WHAT people will be allowed to do.

This is one of the reasons why I think that a diverse web is such a big deal: With only a handful of massive websites, either their communities end up so weakly connected that they can barely be called "communities", or a lot of people end up with very few places they can fit in.

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