An example is an avatar system when commenting on another's website. Comments have fields for a name and the comment author's website, and the avatar is just avatar.png stored on this website. I figure the thinking is that people without their own websites don't deserve an avatar. This is a much better system than other garbage, like an entire business used solely for providing avatars.

I might also ad that figuring this stuff out has a sort of liberating effect. You're free from both the expectation of a reward and the fear of being stepped on or ridiculed. You're who you are and the world is how it is and you come to accept it with liberating asurance.

Anyway I wish you good luck trying to solving this problem within yourself. It's no small task.

  • where the loudest, most abrasive voices are the norm. From casually slinging insulting terms to tearing down newbies who haven't done "enough" homework before asking a question of the experts. I'm put off by that culture, too.

Life is far too short to brook that sort of behavior, and it's okay to just say "no" to that and walk away. It's certainly laudable to fight the good fight of inclusivity and kindness but it's also not a responsibility. We do what we can when we can.

No preference in technology gives anyone the right to berate others. Us-vs-them-ism isn't a good look.

It's fine to have preferences, but please consider lifting people up when you can.

The only good thing about living in a police state is that no one can take the moral high ground on anything.

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