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I am the cancer. You are the cure. (ಸ ‿ ಸ) eccedentesiast

Do you also feel feelings?

It never stops feeling awkward to be around people who think you're homosexual.

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  • Maybe you're a little weebish, maybe you're a little NEETish, or maybe you have just crippling depression among other misfortunes. Get yo ass in here. All that is asked is that you not misrepresent your current shut-in status and neither explicitly encourage nor discourage certain behaviors of the reclusive-minded who are prone enough to being misunderstood in daily life as it is.

There is to be no shaming for being useless or lonely here.

Don't be an ass.

Slow down~

18+, NSFW

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  • Q: So why a website? A: There's a lot of knowledge that isn’t trivially reobtainable, and I consider the internet an unreliable archive for things like niche algorithms. If I can save other people time in learning those things by giving a more comprehensive resource, then great.
  • shopping list: shower scrub, rechargeable batteries, t-shirts, sound card
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