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my pfp is sparklecat picrew

my background was supposed to b a normal pic it just glitched cuz listo couldnt handle it or smth and it looks cool anyway

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  • im a cat
  • intp
  • adhd as fuck
  • teen
  • any pronouns but i like ze/zem the most
  • my fav color is magenta my fav number is 32 my fav cat breed is scottish fold my fav warrior cat is shadowsight my fav pokemon is espurr my fav animes r show by rock & higurashi <3
  • i hav 3 awesome catz Ash Eepy & Fuffy. i have a tigerpy named tadly who i love a lot but also yea a big plushie collection
  • buddy me on animal jam classic @meowfever!!
mar 19 2023 ∞
mar 19 2023 +