• Get better at knitting, sewing, drawing, etc
  • Redo all the character refs I made
  • Write more character/species bios
  • Read 100 books this year
  • Exercise more to get into better shape
  • Finish that planet project I had
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  • Victor
  • 27 ( Oct 19 1992)
  • non-binary ( he/him or they/them )
  • Asexual aromantic
  • USA

Hello it is I feralasar, or victor, I am a huge crafty person who loves to sew, knit, make jewelry, and all other things. I can draw too, and I am mostly a furry artist aka I draw mostly animals ( Only sfw furry art I don't draw NSFW); I do however sometimes draw fan art occasionally when I find something I really like to draw.

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  • I am I a bird lover, I especially love budgies!
  • I can knit, cross stitch, sew, make jewelry, and can draw both digitally as well as traditionally.
  • My dream house is to have every room have a favorite theme I picked out for it, and have a backyard full of plants as well as some pet chickens.
  • I am a fan of psychedelic art, and surreal/strange media.
  • I am also a fan of cartoons, and horror media ( I am very picky with what I like with horror tho)
  • I really really love spicy food!
  • I want to publish several book series one day. ( If I ever get around to writing them that is )
  • I am avid reader, and read a lot.
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