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this is just where i list information about my oc's personalities and stuff. i'm too lazy to sort them all out lol

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  • Conan and Avi dream about each other often, even more especially after they started dating.
  • Conan and Avi wish to travel and go places together.
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  • Arabella is often the first to speak in social settings.
  • Arabella can overthink things A LOT, and tends to worry without needing to as well.
  • When Arabella is physically and mentally healthy, she feels hopeful in general.
  • Arabella is very sensitive to the needs of her loved ones, as if she has this intuition that allows her to feel what they feel.
  • Arabella melts when being appreciated for her efforts.
  • Arabella relies on her instincts and impulses, which can have her being very inconsistent.
  • Like Regina, Arabella does not like it when her routine is threatened.
  • Arabella prefers to stay home rather than go out.
  • Arabella is very forgetful, and her belon...
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  • Ever is often the first in their classes.
  • Ever is a hard worker, they hate having free time because they like feeling busy.
  • Ever always thinks positively, and so they are the one who uplifts others through their words and communication.
  • It's impossible for Ever to hide their feelings.
  • Ever is very physically strong.
  • Ever is absolutely fascinating and witty.
  • Ever gets mad when their home is threatened.
  • Ever wears their emotions on their face.
  • Ever often feels like they can’t explain all the ideas and opinions in their mind.
  • Ever struggles to express their feelings when upset.
  • Ever finds intimacy uncomfortable and it ...
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  • Regina is very good at sports.
  • Regina knows how to keep things fun and fresh, and definitely knows how to make people smile.
  • Regina wishes to know herself and others on a deeper level. Aside from that, she hopes for intimacy in all areas of life.
  • Regina has a love for being the center of attention.
  • Regina has a very deep need of being of service to others, to the point of forgetting to put herself first.
  • Regina constantly feels like she has no control over her life due to the unexpected things that keep happening.
  • Regina gets mad whenever her routine is threatened.
  • Regina has had multiple romantic flings.
  • Regina often sees the people she dates through rose-colored glasses to the point where she can become impractical.
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  • Jordan and Regina are very honest and loyal with each other, never hiding things from each other.
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  • Avi is good at quickly forming bonds with others.
  • Avi can space out in the middle of explaining something, but he's actually very naturally intellectual, especially in the things that go deeper than the surface.
  • Avi hopes to heal and let go of their fears.
  • Avi's charmingly childish spirit has him being great with kids.
  • Avi internalizes their anger, taking it out on themself.
  • Avi is both seen as someone with crazy ideas and a genius.
  • Avi doesn't think he gets mad, but he does, mostly over things he doesn't understand.
  • Speaking of Avi being great with kids, Avi does like children in general, they like hanging out with them.
  • Avi is willing to give and sacrifice his ...
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  • Jordan is a fantastic motivator.
  • People can be intimidated by the way Jordan talks, but he's actually friendly and will do anything for the people he cares about.
  • In times of argument, Jordan is seen as someone who constantly looks for the positive side of things and makes it out for the other person.
  • Jordan can be very lost when it comes to his own emotions, needing to retreat from society every once in a while to recharge his energy.
  • Jordan reacts very quickly to obstacles and adverse situations/people trying to bring him down.
  • Jordan always has a story to tell because the craziest shit keeps happening to him out of nowhere.
  • Jordan gets mad when someone challenges his identity.
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  • Arabella and Rudy like to spend time together doing quiet activities like watching movies, eating together, sleeping together or cuddling on any given afternoon.
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  • Conan is extremely compassionate and forgiving.
  • Conan has a hard time expressing how he feels, and can also be quite stubborn and subjective, especially in regards to trying new things.
  • Others come to Conan when they feel negative about life as he radiates such optimistic energy.
  • Conan has a lot of vivid dreams and nightmares, which gives him a very chaotic sleeping pattern.
  • Conan is very devoted, passionate and loyal.
  • Freedom is the most important thing in the world to Conan.
  • Conan gets mad whenever Avi is threatened.
  • Conan is highly imaginative.
  • Conan often feels like everyone disappears in the moment he truly needs someone.
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  • Rachel is often the mediator when there is conflict.
  • Rachel tends to observe people quietly before joining in with them.
  • Rachel secretly aspires to build her own family in the future.
  • Rachel has a fear of losing others and being abandoned.
  • Rachel is very protective of the people she loves.
  • Rachel is very charming and enthusiastic, so many people develop crushes on her.
  • Rachel gets mad when someone threatens her stuff.
  • Rachel is very intuitive.
  • Rachel often feels unsure of what she's doing with her life and constantly beats herself up about it.
  • Rachel often tries to maintain this sense of peace in public when in fact there is a lot of turmoil within her.
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  • In the future, Rudy's music will be considered very influential to the music industry.
  • People can never tell what Rudy is thinking, and it’s easier for him to think while he's talking.
  • Rudy gives hope to others by nurturing their emotions.
  • Rudy loves talking about his emotions and private matters, so others, sensing this disposition in him, instantly feel safe when it comes to sharing their secrets with him.
  • Rudy is often easily annoyed and very knowledgeable, it’s like he has something to say about every subject.
  • Rudy craves being of help to others and he doesn't even search for the recognition that comes with it, he genuinely just wants to make others' lives better.
  • Rudy gets mad whenever someone threatens ...
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