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this is just where i list information about my oc's personalities and stuff. i'm too lazy to sort them all out lol

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  • Ever is often the first in their classes.
  • Ever is a hard worker, they hate having free time because they like feeling busy.
  • Ever always thinks positively, and so they are the one who uplifts others through their words and communication.
  • It's impossible for Ever to hide their feelings.
  • Ever is very physically strong.
  • Ever is absolutely fascinating and witty.
  • Ever gets mad when their home is threatened.
  • Ever wears their emotions on their face.
  • Ever often feels like they can’t explain all the ideas and opinions in their mind.
  • Ever struggles to express their feelings when upset.
  • Ever finds intimacy uncomfortable and it is hard for them to let loose and really be himself.
  • Ever loves trying new things.
  • Ever talks to themself a lot.
  • Ever is very straightforward, their honesty is very remarkable.
  • Ever loves having inside jokes with people.
  • Ever likes to improve themselves any way they can everyday.
  • Ever is a picky eater.
  • Ever is interested in studying medicine.
  • Ever has a deep need to feel understood.
  • Ever is very motivated to protect what's theirs.
  • Ever is deeply compassionate and understanding.
  • Ever prefers to have a few close friends rather than many acquaintances.
  • Ever has had two partners who were very weird, and they did not appreciate that.
  • Ever is left-handed.
  • Ever has anemia.
  • Ever has difficulty with taking care of their own needs and allowing themself to take a break, often overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion and burnout.
  • Ever's favorite food is s'mores.
  • Ever has this fear of standing up for what's right because they used to often get cut off in friend groups after expressing their concerns.
  • Ever almost always has to have the upper hand in a situation.
  • Ever's love language is quality time.
  • Ever can be described as a "short-fuse".
  • Ever is particular about their school supplies.
  • Ever has days where they can't even get up thanks to their anemia.
  • Ever is dedicated to his goals.
  • Ever is always open to new ideas.
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