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this is just where i list information about my oc's personalities and stuff. i'm too lazy to sort them all out lol

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  • Rachel is often the mediator when there is conflict.
  • Rachel tends to observe people quietly before joining in with them.
  • Rachel secretly aspires to build her own family in the future.
  • Rachel has a fear of losing others and being abandoned.
  • Rachel is very protective of the people she loves.
  • Rachel is very charming and enthusiastic, so many people develop crushes on her.
  • Rachel gets mad when someone threatens her stuff.
  • Rachel is very intuitive.
  • Rachel often feels unsure of what she's doing with her life and constantly beats herself up about it.
  • Rachel often tries to maintain this sense of peace in public when in fact there is a lot of turmoil within her.
  • Rachel can assume the worst out of people when they wrong her.
  • If you want to win Rachel's heart, do it with lavish presents and a sense of security.
  • Rachel is very loyal to her friends and treats them like family.
  • If Rachel truly cares about you, they will do anything that will makes you happy, even if you didn't ask for anything.
  • Rachel replies slowly to texts.
  • When talking to Rachel, even if you say something in the most clear and direct way possible, sometimes she finds a way to misunderstand you.
  • To win Rachel's heart, you better have a good taste in music.
  • Close friends and family would often describe Rachel as bossy and stubborn.
  • Rachel likes sleeping, but is very easily awakened.
  • Rachel was home-schooled for most of her early childhood.
  • Rachel enjoys luxury.
  • Rachel's favorite sport is fencing.
  • Rachel is everyone's best friend.
  • Rachel has a very strict moral code that she adheres to.
  • Rachel is a gamer.
  • Rachel also likes to swim.
  • Rachel has a very difficult relationship with her older sister, Regina.
  • Rachel sometimes feels like she can’t fit in no matter how hard she tries, like there is something inherently odd and different about her.
  • Rachel's favorite food is spicy instant noodles.
  • A lot of women distrust Rachel, think she is secretive and fake, criticize her appearance, and spread homophobic rumors.
  • Rachel can pull any girl she wants if she really wanted to.
  • Rachel's love language is acts of service.
  • Rachel is very critical of herself because she holds herself to a very high standard.
  • Rachel was quite popular as a kid, with multiple friends and groups.
  • Rachel has a short temper and doesn't like admitting when she's wrong.
  • Rachel is strong and supportive.
  • The people who crush on Rachel tend to be secret admirers, who can sometimes get to wrapped up in their obsession with her. She hates this.
  • Rachel used to be known as the mom classmate when she was in elementary school.
  • Rachel likes art.
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