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  • i shitpost a lot and love to interact with mutuals so don't follow me if you're gonna ignore and ghost me
  • i write about everything: my life, school, genshin, etc.
  • i literally describe all my actions and sometimes it may seem too much
  • i don't consider myself as a member of any movement but i can say that i have radical feminist views
  • i'm not trans-friendly
  • i don't like men
  • if i said something offensive or hurt you please tell me
  • sb > unf
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  • basic dni criteria
  • you're not gonna interact with me
  • you're a misogynist
  • you believe that russophobia, heterophobia, misandry and reverse discrimination are real
  • you believe in thousands of sexualities and genders
  • you think that feminitives are useless
  • your main fds are anime fds
  • you use milf, terf, loli, etc.
  • you're under 14
nov 24 2022 ∞
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  • games: genshin, cookie run kingdom
  • music: kpop gg's, radiohead, twenty one pilots, my chemical romance, nothing but thieves, pyrokinesis, cigarettes after sex, the neighbourhood, вышел покурить
  • tv series: walking dead, american horror story
nov 25 2022 ∞
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