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This is what I consider “basic dni criteria.”

Anyone can use this list as their own dni/put things listed here on their own dni!

Those who are “neutral” on any of these are included.

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  • don’t include physically disabled people in conversations about ableism
  • isn’t autistic and uses the r slur
  • against self diagnosis
  • psychotictwt
  • against systems
dec 15 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +
  • Jschlatt
  • jk rowling
  • dream
  • callmecarson
  • kaceytron
  • justaminx
  • hasan
  • technoblade
  • Fundy
  • a6d
  • if you are not willing to criticize cc’s/celebrities in general (not critical of your interests)
  • participate in/defend any subtwts or communities dedicated to leaking personal information of real people or speculating their identity
dec 15 2021 ∞
may 30 2022 +
  • don’t support xenogenders and neopronouns
  • don’t support nonbinary identities
  • think lesbians who use pronouns other than she/her can’t be lesbians
  • think gay men who use pronouns other than he/him can’t be gay men
  • think pronouns = gender
  • exclude trans women from feminism or believe that feminism doesn’t support trans women
  • you’re a terf (trans-exclusionary radical feminist)
  • don’t think trans women are women
  • don’t think trans men are men
  • use toothpaste/listerine flag
  • believe in/support bi/pan/straight lesbians or are one yourself
  • use f slur as someone who isn’t transfem/mlm/nblm
  • against he/him, they/them, or nonbinary l...
nov 7 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +
  • pro-cop/not supportive of acab
  • pro-military
  • speak over/for minorities that you do not belong to
  • pro-ship/anti-anti (shipping children with adults, supporting fictional beastiality/incest)
  • support “maps” or are one yourself (“minor attracted people”, aka pedophiles)
  • sexualize minors, both fictional and real
  • make/laugh at incest jokes
  • capitalist
  • call yourself “fiscally right and social left” or are a centrist
  • identify as a zionist or don’t identify as anti-zonist
  • antisemitic, racist, islamaphobic, against ANY minorities
dec 15 2021 ∞
dec 15 2021 +