• Girl at JFK turning away from the desk at the gate and saying "tho stupid" under her breath/in our faces after learning how the seats were assigned.
  • Rum cake at Croussant d'Or!!
  • "That's what I've been saying!! ...in my head, not actually out loud" - Morgen reacting to my comment about what's off about people in New Orleans is that they are all drunk.
  • Morgen falling while trying to get into bed "because the floor is slippery" post Bourbon
  • "Well, anything made with love is going to be good" - Hivolt barista after being asked if the gluten free donut is good
  • All the Uber drivers were so friendly, but the best one was our driver back to the airport. We chatted and laughed the whole way and he looked up trivia (what is the longest bridge in the world?) while driving. While dropping us off he said his nic name is Happy.. it suits him.
  • "sport team" - Clay's Google search for what team is big in NOLA.. turned out to be the Pelicans

Stuff to do.. Well, mostly eat and drink:

  • Muffaletta sandwich at Central Grocery Co - feels like walking back in time and the sandwich is BOMB
  • Shaya, in the Garden District - AMAZING FOOD
  • Fritzles jazz - only worth while place on Bourbon.. unless you are actually DOING Bourbon
  • Jean Lefitte Air Boat tour - really cool and fun.. and, the ACCENTS
  • District Donuts Sliders - dude, chicory iced coffee is my absolute jam
  • Hivolt - amazing coffee, bitchy baristas
  • Seed - amazing vegan po'boys
  • Columns Hotel - old school hotel bar.. with old people
  • Bouligny Tavern - mixology, pretty cute place
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