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user picture Kristi: Can you tell me a little about sounds really neat. nov 10 2008
user picture KateKintail: Sure! It's a combination of book recycling and random acts of kindness. Basically you register books on and each book gets its own unique ID number. You print out labels or write the ID number in the book. Then, when you finish with the book, instead of letting it collect dust on your bookshelf, you release it into the wild by leaving it on a bench or bus seat (or just about ANYWHERE) for someone else to find. The book gets a new reader and you brighten some lucky person's day! Hopefully, they will see the note/label you put in the book and go to the website. They can type in the ID number and see all the places the book has traveled and they can say they've found the book/leave their thoughts about the book. Then they can leave it somewhere for someone else to find. It's a never-ending cycle of book-related karma! So this list of mine is a list of books I've left various places that other people have picked up and made online journal entries for. Not all books are found by people who check in online (and sometimes a book can go years without a "I found this book!" journal entry) but when the books get found by new readers, it's a thrilling feeling. You can find out more at The site is free and spam-free. It's a really fun hobby. And there are tons of other parts to bookcrossing- book trades, mailing a book around to multiple people(bookring), book reviews, wishlists, conventions, challenges, and even RABCKs (random acts of bookcrossing kindness).
user picture Amsyy: Where have you found books? I left one in a restaurant but I want some of my own! :3 jan 23 2009