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  • Start working out again regularly and lose weight (start weight: 144)
  • Make more progress on my 'fandoms I want to get into' list (Farscape, Firefly, Band of Brothers, Starsky & Hutch...) and my 'shows to catch up on' list (Stargates, The Dead Zone, The 4400, The L Word...) (PROGRESS: The L Word S3&S4, The 4400 S2&S3&S4, Dante's Cove S1&S2, finished The OC, Farscape S1, finished Day Break, The Dead Zone S4&S5&S6, Prison Break S2, Torchwood S1, Finished Firefly & Serenity)
  • Finish a draft of a possibly publishable novel
  • Take a basic car maintenance class/workshop
  • Read/finish 50 books (PROGRESS: 100 books)
  • Sign up for a dating service and/or go on at least one date (AND/OR get an apartment)
  • Finish my website portfolio
  • Open an ING savings account and meet (undisclosed) savings goals for the year (PROGRESS: opened account and started automatic withdrawals 2x a month)
  • Send a care package to a soldier every month PROGRESS: 12 +3 others
  • Grow hair out for Locks of Love PROGRESS: still growing it out
  • Tell people more often how much I love/appreciate them
  • Give more feedback (goal for the year: 100) (PROGRESS: 143)
  • Get a PO Box and do Postcrossing
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