Personal Goals:

  • Start working out again regularly and lose weight (Start weight: 158)
  • Grow hair out for Locks of Love
  • Safety permitting, park at the end of the parking lot each time I go anywhere to walk further (PROGRESS: so far so good!)
  • Start a YouTube channel and upload some videos
  • Buy a new car
  • Start working on a quilt consisting of shirts & cloth from my childhood

Writing Goals:

  • Finish all fic requests from 2007 & 2008
  • Bring the archive up to date
  • Finish a first draft of a novel
  • Update the WR website

Book/BookCrossing Goals:

  • Keep track of pages read this year. Goal: 15000 pages
  • Do not click on/read any "worst books read" threads on the BC forums
  • Finish the Art in the Pages release project to your satisfaction
  • Read all manga & graphic novels in my possession (Start number: 39/143)
  • Read what you want and don't waste time on ones you don't- be honest with yourself and get Mt. TBR down!

Fannish Goals:

  • Memorize all the Doctor Whos in order
  • Build planned LEGO creations & show them at Brick Fair
  • Finish knitting scarf for Remus
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jan 1 2010 +