This is (spoilers) if you even care :ะท

  • (reference)
  • The guys' main motivation is money at first (duh)
  • Slowly the scale of importance grows

Ricky start? (EPLG.)

  • die ->
  • live kinda (hired)
  • chain mail (Max + Lee hired)
  • (audience should be aware of this?)

Switch 2 Lee focus (Act1?)

  • get job w/ Max (hired proxy)
  • plot moment (work w/ ghost!? basically Janitors for Death)
  • Max/Ricky foreshadowing (Got to keep the gays (me) invested)

he's right behind me isn't he

  • oh boy things are getting weird (things are straight up wrong about normal things)
  • continue helping, things get wejrder
  • death vagueposts on main (bro is gettign worried about the world ending and he physically cannot kill by himself <- doesn't mean something else can nudge nudge)

The important part

  • dead people don't want to be dead (duhh)
  • the world may or may not be falling apart around them and there's nothing they can do because they're like 20-something kind-of-but-not-really dead people (nudging you with my elbow and winking really hard rn this is not in any way about maturing w/ grief)

kinda jot notes?

  • Climax of plot shouldn't have either side 'wrong' ? HOWEVER-
  • One of the leads has to spiral bro I need to put that in there
  • I kinda want the world to just crack (literal)
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