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  • 20. she/her. lesbian. inspirit lmao. twt

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  • this thing is under major construction hence why everything is private. i'm only making this bc im on priv w little chances of ever unlocking so here's a lil about me.....
  • i mostly tweet about ong, infinite, namyu and ggroups (lovelyz, apink etc). oh yes i'm also a fan of basically all groups from woollim, pledis & sm.; so if u dont like any of the mentioned / dont want to see them on ur tl then probably dont follow??
  • bc my acc is always locked u are free to request, i'll accept most
  • bc this acc is multi purpose for me (as in both main & priv) i only really tag nsfw, if u have something you absolutely need tagged please feel free to mention or dm me!


heres a little warning i guess. jonghyun is a huge part of my life, one of my ults for years and overall one of my most adored/ respected idols. i'm not asking for pity or anything but if i see anything remotely disrespecting him or mocking him or his death i will sb. (of course if u stan him and use comedy to cope this doesnt apply to you.) 2nd part of this is i will tweet about him at times without warning regardless of the context, if you are not ready to see any type of content regarding him please dm me so we can work something out or you can do whatever it takes to make you comfortable (including sb).

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