I joined a lotto pool with Angel.

  • Give my mom money to retire. Old fart does not need to be looking for a job as she nears 60. To keep her busy I will enroll her in craft and cooking classes.
  • Quit my job. Take painting, pottery, glassblowing, cake icing and digital editing classes.
  • Buy Kate Spade dinnerware.
  • Buy Esther Derkx tea sets and wine glasses.
  • Travel the world for a year.
  • Buy that &*#$%@! leather jacket from m0851 and not even think about it.
  • Go to an orthopedic surgeon and get my feet fixed.
  • Get lasik surgery.
  • Buy an apartment in Clinton Hill so I will always have a home to come home to. With two bathrooms so I can use one of them as a darkroom.
  • Buy a few nice cameras. All film - a medium format and an SLR.
  • Buy cashmere underwear. Because I can afford it.
  • Buy a small farm and a couple of horses.
  • Take my cousins and friends on a cruise.
  • Pay off Angel's school loans.
  • Pay off my damn school loans.
  • Buy a Vespa w/ matching helmet. Ciaaaoo!!
  • Eat at expensive restaurants like Masa, Per Se, French Laundry.
  • Have my dream wedding just for myself. I will marry my independence.
  • Start a Christian Louboutin shoe collection.
  • Get an awesome new fridge for the apartment.
  • Send my brother to school for anything he wants to learn, for as long as he wants to learn.
mar 19 2009 ∞
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user picture AngHell: dont u LOVE how im commenting on everything? Im sure you're LOVING it, hahahaha... are you still playing lotto? jan 30 2010