• Blåvand zoo
    • it's a pretty cheap zoo
    • you can feed many of the animals in the zoo by yourself
    • you can actively participate in the feeding in the big voliere.
    • you can hold a snake or just touch it if you like
    • the zoo keepers are so friendly and are happy to answer questions
  • Lindholm Høje
    • the people working there are so nice and ready to help and answer questions
    • it's very informative
    • it's very child friendly (trust me: children won't be bored there)
    • the field with the stone ships next to the museum is amazing!
  • Vorupør gamle kirkegård
    • it's an old and really worn out churchyard
    • most of the graves are overgrown and has more or less vanished
    • the church itself now only contains of the church porch.
    • it's kind of hidden away from the near road
    • very good if you want to take pictures in a ghost-like place
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