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I am a Virgo;
I am addicted to lists. I freak out sometimes(all the time) and..
I blog (I also write!)
Oh, and I am Egyptian!

Sara follows:
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This is more of a list of articles for me to view as I write a post on my blog; link in the left. Those concentrate mainly on the problems, my focus will rather be on the steps.

  • The NY Times
  • Ahram Weekly
  • Daily News Egypt
  • BBC
  • ME Times
  • Your parents meet
  • You get your ring
  • You get engaged
  • You do all the preparations
    • find an apartment
    • find funds to furnish it.
    • start shopping for the wedding
  • Pick your shabka and wedding dress (your husband pays for that)
  • Book a place
  • Wedding!
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