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  • abi
  • 21 (10/28/96), pan, she/they
  • scorpio, infj, true/lawful neutral, junior illustration student!


  • mainly kpop/pokemon/anime
  • mentally ill and trying to get by: i have gad/social anxiety, depression, avpd, and mild ocd.
  • bc of my anxieties i'm very avoidant and will sometimes suddenly disappear off social media for periods of time. if i ever dont reply to you/you ever find that you were suddenly softblocked pls dont take it personally! thank you!
  • ♥ 160425 160624 170215 170827 180209 ♥
  • ♥ saw/met svt at diamond edge nyc 170827!!!! i held their hands & love them sm ♥


  • don't follow if you're homophopbic, rasist, transphobic, misogynist, etc. also dfi if you use sk*nny as slang for good, or other gross stan twitter lingo.
  • dfi you hate svt or any of my biases/faves and are going to subtweet me/make me feel bad or self conscious about things i like lol
  • please tag anything related to needles for me, but also please let me know if you need anything tagged as well!
  • thank you for reading!
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