• Install automatic/keypad lock (ABB only)
  • Install security system (ABB only)
  • Hire gardener
    • Property management company takes care of this?
  • Install sprinkler system
  • Stain fence
  • New roof
  • Redo/fix/update siding?
  • Trex front porch

Spare Bedroom

  • Pack up books, art, knick knacks
  • Sell bookshelves
  • Sell/donate desk
  • Paint walls
  • Put up artwork (ABB only)
  • Purchase double bed (Borrow Adrienne's bed??) (ABB only)
  • Create "Take a book, leave a book" library (ABB only)


  • Buy new pillows (ABB only)
  • Sell/pack up clothes and shoes
  • Paint walls (ABB only)
  • Install shelving over bed (ABB only)
  • Put up different artwork (ABB only)
  • New area rug (ABB only)

Living Room

  • Pack up knick knacks and personal items
  • New coffee table (ABB only)
  • New area rug
  • Reupholster chair
  • Clean up fireplace (new grate)


  • Get rid of all food except basics (salt, pepper, olive oil, water)
  • Pack up grandma's china, personal items


  • Clean out sewing room
  • What to do with sewing room? (ABB only)
    • Pull out sofa bed
    • Sitting area w/ small TV
  • Close up back room, install lock on door
  • Clean out fridge and freezer (keep?)


  • Property Management company
  • Find home for plants
  • Paint hallway
  • Game/extra blanket/pillow closet (ABB only)
  • Sell car
  • Donate all pet stuff
  • Set up TV for others to use (ABB only)
    • Unlink personal accounts from streaming services
    • Keep fire stick? Switch to Roku? Investigate.
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