Juliet Blackwell Witchcraft Mysteries

  • A Cast-Off Coven (2nd)
  • In a Witch’s Wardrobe (4th)
  • Tarnished and Torn (5th)
  • A Toxic Trousseau (8th)

Ellen Byerrum Crimes of Fashion Mysteries

  • Lethal Black Dress (10th)
  • The Masque of the Red Dress (11th)

Kate Carlisle Bibliophile Mysteries

  • Books of a Feather (10th)
  • Buried in Books (12th)
  • The Book Supremacy (13th)
  • The Grim Reader (14th)

Kate Collins Flower Shop Mysteries

  • Seed No Evil (14th)
  • Moss Hysteria (18th)
  • Missing Under the Mistletoe (novella)
  • Tulips Too Late (novella)

Sheila Connolly Orchard Mysteries

  • Nipped in the Bud (12th)

Marcia Evanick Misty Harbor

  • A Berry Merry Christmas
  • A Misty Harbor Wedding

Monica Ferris

  • Sins and Needles (10th)
  • Knitting Bones (11th)
  • Buttons and Bones (14th)
  • Threadbare (15th)
  • Knit Your Own Murder (19th)

Sally Goldenbaum Seaside Knitters Mysteries

  • Trimmed With Murder (10th)
  • Murder at Lambswool Farm (11th)
  • A Crime of a Different Stripe (15th)

B.B. Haywood Candy Holliday Mysteries

  • Town in a Cinnamon Toast (7th)
  • Town in a Maple Madness (8th)

Joyce and Jim Lavene

  • Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (2nd)
  • Poisoned Petals (3rd)
  • A Thyme to Die (6th)
  • Lethal Lily (7th)
  • Killing Weeds (8th)

Barbara Ross Maine Clambake Mysteries

  • Clammed Up (1st)
  • Boiled Over (2nd)
  • Mussled Out (3rd)
  • Stowed Away (6th)
  • Sealed Off (8th)

Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries

  • Dying Up Loose Ends (16th)
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