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ofcourse, my feelings are bigger but you say you love me more. no, i love you more.

saturn ?
little things

general interest

    • politics, social and cultural issues, space/deep sea exploration, marvel cinematic universe, jazz and its subgenre, literature & languages, astrology, baroque art, skin care, anime (currently hq, jjk, daiya)
    • if you found me through twitter, my account isn't very idol centric but i also talk about politics, social issues or cultural issues too so if you aren't in for that you can always s/b me!
    • i used to say i don't care if wayv is nct or not but they're literally confirmed to be nct so...

do not follow if

    • you meet general dnf criteria
    • you're under 18. i am 25 and i still can be friendly to minors most of the time but please spare me... (mutuals are safe btw)
    • you're btspopper & a company stan regardless of who you stan
    • while i usually don't care abt what fictional ships you ship if you like incest, dub/noncon and will put that on my TL please be kind to me and block me ^_^
    • please softblock instead of unfollowing

groups & people

(obviously an nctzen)

    • nct (i like all units) » taeyong, winwin, jaehyun
    • x1 » lee hangyul, cho seungyoun
    • the boyz » haknyeon, juyeon
    • vixx » hongbin (ex member) & hakyeon
    • loona » jinsoul, chuu
    • twice » sana, nayeon, mina
    • red velvet » seulgi, joy
    • blackpink » jennie, rose
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