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sekai fic rec follows:

190 mph / pg-13 / twoshot

  • Silla, being one of Korea’s greatest kingdoms and the longest dynasty, nurses novelties and scholars, weary travelers and rulers who wave their hands as they wait for servants to fulfill their wishes. Somewhere between the palace gate where armored guards stand and run-down shops bartering for change, there wrestles two men; one a servant, the other a crown prince. mothers of all au

king's lost prince / r / 61.8k

  • A vengeful assassin Prince and a sadistic, cold-blooded King. The half-brothers' shattering adventure.

lionheart / nc-17 / 20.2k

  • the life and times of prince sehun and his lionheart, jongin.

making of a king / pg-13 / 17.6k

  • crown prince jongin needs to take responsibility for his actions to become a great king and what better way is there, than getting married to a commoner, or, even better, a dirt poor beggar, to boost the royal family’s popularity?
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