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sekai fic rec follows:

between / pg / 12.4k

  • sometimes you have to spend money to meet your true love aka jongin meets sehun through a matchmaking site.

but i'm young and i'm pretty and that's all that you need / pg-13 / 2.9k

  • in which jongin vlogs, sehun is good-looking, and they meet at a party (ft. the rest of exo)

got me up all night (all i'm singin' is love songs) / nc-17 / 10.9k / tumblr!au

  • tumblr famous ulzzang sehun and b-boy jongin meet. w: drug use

internet boyfriends | internet boyfriends v.2.0.1

  • r / 5k+ / twitter!au

LOL UR SO FUNNY but pls stfu / nc-17 / 4.8k / skype!au

  • internet boyfriends!au where sehun is horny and jongin is failing his classes and soojung doesn't help at all.

perfect timing / nc-17 / oneshot / tumblr!au

  • jongin just so happen to run sehun's favorite nsfw blog. w: daddy kink, rimming

pls date me / pg-13 / 1.8k / twitter!au

  • you sent your favourite idol a really dumb reply to his most recent tweet and expected it to be ignored like the 2399402394 other comments, but it's 1:37am and you just rolled off your bed because not only did said idol like the tweet and follow you too, now there's also three unread messages from him sitting in your dms and ohmygod what do you do what the hell do you do au

up close and personal / nc-17 / 7.7k

  • Who knew bboi88 aka his nerdy online gaming friend Kim Jongin was actually the famous Youtube and Instagram star Kai? Sehun certainly didn’t. (He actually thought he was getting catfished instead. Oops.)

(you're my) winter heat / pg-13 / 14.8k / tinder!au

  • Jongin has always been in love with his best friends’ love. But when it comes to himself, he doesn't know if he’s even capable of having it, especially through some app called Tinder.
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