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sekai fic rec follows:

endgame / nc-17 / 16.7k

  • sleeping with the lover of east asia's most dangerous arms dealer wasn't one of oh sehun's brightest ideas.

love dealer / love killer

  • sehun is an undercover cop that was assigned to infiltrate and take down exo, the biggest crime organization in seoul. he'll do anything to complete the mission, including becoming the lover of exo's boss, kai. w: dark themes

perfect match / nc-17 / 2.6k

  • even though jongin is a cop and sehun a famous mafia boss, it doesn't stop them to be in love with each other anyway.

selene / pg-13 / 4.1k

  • the present day sees sehun running one of kyoto’s most successful and prominent gangs in history, with men, women, and children alike at his beck and call.

the city of sin / nc-17 / bottom!kai

  • oh sehun came to las vegas on a business trip. if he just so happened to have an impromptu bachelor party by himself, then who was luhan to protest? in fact, everything is fine in the city of sin, until sehun gets black out drunk and wakes up with a husband who isn't his pretty fiancé. w: agegap
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