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haunting haunted haunts / pg-13 / 28.3k

  • sehun is no stranger to hauntings, even the kind that exist between him and the love of his life.

of superheros and sidekicks / pg-13 / 3.7k

  • In a school full of potential superheroes and sidekicks, Jongin has caught Sehun’s interest. Unfortunately, Jongin has a tendency to teleport suddenly when surprised or flustered and Sehun kinda sucks at being smooth. mama!au

shadowplay / nc-17 / 10.3k

  • jongin is invisible and sehun is unforgettable.

the bond | giving in

  • all sehun, sorcerer in training, wants is a Guardian of his own.

the republique / pg-13 / 19.7k

  • the battle between black and white is something that will never end.

we all fall out of line / r / 52k

  • "What's one more leap of faith to cap the day?" mama!au

we're just a bunch of no bodies / pg-13 / 1.7k

  • sehun goes to a halloween party to prove he's no killjoy.
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