(Han Geng/Heechul | AU | PG | 2316 words)

Super Junior never debuted and you broke his heart, but somehow, life went on.

(Hangeng/Heechul | 4k words)

Summary: Heechul is a wanderer, but here, he’s grounded. (In which Christmas wishes aren’t that far-fetched after all.)


Sometimes, Heechul's defense mechanisms work too well.

(Hankyung/Heechul, PG-13, 4,382 words)

Heechul wakes up thirty years old and unsatisfied.

Summary: Heechul owns a bookstore. No one cares about Hankyung's job. They fall in love. AU

heechul/hankyung, heechul/everyone, 2462 words pg, angst/slight humour Super Junior tries to cope with Heechul believing that Hangeng is camping outside their front door.

Summary: The day that Heechul meets Han Geng it is raining.

Summary: Heechul is a big-shot lawyer. Hankyung owns a coffee shop. Trouble is abound.

this is beautiful ;_;

also v cute

Summary: Falling in love does not necessarily occur overnight. Sometimes, it takes several years and a few umbrellas to happen.

Summary : First an auto accident, then a lawsuit. Han Geng keeps thinking things can't get much worse... right?

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