• exception to the rule | M | Here’s the thing. Soonyoung is a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to. Exhibit A, his classmates thought he’d never become an idol with a face as average as his, and yet here he is, with fans that call him sexy onstage and adorable off. He’s like this with most things: he wanted to be cool like SHINee, so he practiced their dances until he could do them in his sleep. The company said he was bad at singing, so he trained and trained and trained until he was good. He was bored of adhering to someone else’s choreography, so he made his own. There isn’t very much that Soonyoung just accepts as a limitation. One of the few exceptions? His secondary gender.
  • set the rockets off | T | (For Jihoon, writing love songs is simple. Figuring out where he stands with Soonyoung? That’s a different issue entirely.)
  • just let me love you | T | Soonyoung laughs. “Yeah. Dating, as in you’re my boyfriend and I love you.” Junhui doesn’t faint. Jihoon does.(Or: Junhui makes a mistake and now Soonyoung thinks he is Jihoon’s boyfriend.)


  • both hands out, my i | T | (Jun dances until his legs give out and reminds himself over and over that Minghao's too good for him. Minghao pulls him back up to his feet and keeps his mouth shut around the words he really wants to say. It's not the easiest combination, but just maybe, they'll make it work.)
  • i like me better when i'm with you | T | “I will never, in a million years, like you,” Minghao sternly says—his eyes all fire and ice, and Junhui smiles bitterly. A laugh then comes out of his mouth, empty and hollow, but Minghao doesn’t seem to notice it.(Or: Junhui flirts and Minghao doesn’t like children of Aphrodite.)


  • you're my achilles heel | T | Mingyu doesn’t know why people think he’s good at this romance thing.(Or: Mingyu is an Aphrodite kid who’s secretly crushing on a certain Athena kid but he’s so awkward at romance, Oh Gods, someone send help.)


  • Drape Me in Your Warmth | T | One day, Seungcheol will put a ring on Hansol's finger, but not today. Today, he's perfectly happy just kissing Hansol soft and sweet.


  • Pink Prodigy | M .
  • I need your love before I fall | T | Jihoon confessed on wanting to come out to his brothers and to the rest of the family for ages and something had triggered him during the wedding ceremony but this hadn’t been what he had wanted to happen. Jun bought him a strawberry milkshake and Seungcheol sat next to him, still holding his hand for comfort.
  • shut up and drive | T | Seungcheol is a tired university student in his final year who needs to pass his driving test. His roommate (and crush) Jihoon, a gaming major, proves to be helpful...
  • Fight Me | T | Jihoon didn't think that coughing copious amounts of blood and wheezing as his lungs lose their ability to function warenties his stay at the hospital for a MONTH, but he guessed that's just how the world works. But Choi Seungcheol though. Yeah, THAT is unfair.
  • Because I want to be your tomorrow, I lived through today | T | It's not until he’s back at his own apartment that afternoon, that it occurs to Jihoon that he'd gone to Seungcheol. He'd been dumped, and rather than call anyone else, or sulk with anyone else, he'd gone to him. He doesn’t know why.


  • Five Dates | G | In which a kindergarten teacher challenges a famous singer with five dates to change his mind.(it doesn't hurt at all that said singer's niece is the perfect wingchild) //alternatively: vernon has been heartbroken far too many times and seungkwan has more than enough love to give//
  • Afraid | M | If you had told Seungkwan yesterday he would have his crush making out with him and sitting on his lap in less than 24 hours, he would’ve slapped you across the face.Or Seungkwan finally confesses to Hansol and things ensue.
  • these days, i adore you {more and more} | T | (seungkwan isn't the best at remembering names, but he'll try to make an exception for his new favorite customer.)
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