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Any names that are too weird, popular, or problematic and I probably wouldn't use in real life. Favourites in bold.

  • Alice Lowenna Butterfly
  • Arsinoë Pyrrha Odette
  • Belladonna Jessamine Alice
  • Cadmium Viola Edith
  • Eliza Tabitha Jane
  • Elizabeth Hestia Wildrose
  • Elsie Henrietta Marigold
  • Evangelise Freyja Henriette
  • Evelyn Octavia Snow
  • Evie Lavender Sky
  • Florence Morwenna Kitty
  • Freyja Charlotte Anneliese
  • Imogen Amelia Rue / Imogen Amelia Elspeth
  • Lola Elizabeth Verity
  • Matilda Amelie Blue
  • Medeia Elizabeth Valkyrie
  • Pompeia Violetta Alice
  • Valkyrie Roxanne Ingrid
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jan 12 2019 +
user picture Zuzanna: I like Florence Gwendolen Lark and Matilda Amelie Blue :3 apr 30 2017
user picture Just Jam: Matilda's quite new, I'm very happy with it. I'm probably changing Florence soon though, I'm liking Florence Eliza Belle more now.
user picture Zuzanna: I would put it that way - Belle Eliza Florence :x dunno why may 2 2017