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to-do list, scratchpad, and everything in between.

larissa follows:


  • Light of Judgment
    • new layout
    • section redesign
      • deity: ff and philsophy/metamorphosis/kefka and kafka, symbolism (divine comedy, final boss fight, etc), translations w/ mention of mistranslations floating around web for years, game timeline, edit/rewrite current sections, alignment (chaotic evil)
      • clown: clean up current sections, add new images, freshen up
  • uncontrol
    • add images to spruce it up, otherwise static
    • summary bc even i don't remember the plot lmfao
    • ACTUAL NEW LAYOUT??? TO CELEBRATE 5 YEARS???? how has it been 5 years, i feel old
      • buddy at this rate it's gonna be 10 years.
  • 20 years old
    • new layout please
    • singles/albums update, add dvd section? maybe split videos into pvs/dvds...
  • Never Stop Dreaming
    • new layout, content edit/proofread
    • media?
  • Defiers of Fate
  • Beyond the Sky
    • new layout
    • revise shera section
    • add section about cid's relationship with avalanche as leader and as pilot/resident old grouch
    • add a section about rocket town! how have i never thought about this
  • Winds of Change
    • there's a whole section for this
    • recode header/footer includes
    • depth pages -- fortress, localization talk, add album to music page, discuss writing issues, compare to vagrant story, highlight really cool stuff from bestiary, espers?
  • Awakening
    • liner notes/interview talk?
    • discuss where each song appears in the game (use old list + ff wiki + replay game)
    • new responsive layout
  • death wish
    • v. basic summary of tb & x? break out intro section?
    • rearrange depth sections
    • did i have any other depth sections i honestly don't remember
  • moonrise


  • after the fire
    • write sitemap
    • design layout
    • write content (8/30)
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