Julie and the Phantoms

Alex’s friends try to give him advice on how to flirt with guys, or one guy, specifically. He is having none of it.


Mickey’s rude, curt, and caustic, but Ian likes him anyway. And while the rest of his family is scrawling out pages to their Juvie pen-pals, Ian gets to write crap like: You’re an idiot. Seagal is lame, everyone knows that Van Damme is the man.


In which San gets glasses and Wooyoung has a Big Gay Crisis about it.


5+1. The 5 times Loki thought Mobius being nice to him was a trick and the 1 time he didn't.

Anne with an E

Anne Shirley does not want to kiss Gilbert Blythe. She really, really doesn’t. But how else is she supposed to write about a kiss for her romantical short story if she’s never had one before? And Avonlea is just filled with so little options…

Anne receives proposals of marriage from various and undesirable quarters. Gilbert Blythe naturally happens to stumble upon her immediately afterwards every time.

The gossip in Avonlea is insidious, making Gilbert think it's a good idea to initiate a fake courtship of Anne. Anne makes him promise it won't affect their relationship

Anne Shirley had been fascinated by the very idea of a dream her entire life. So imagine her surprise when she finally has hers and in it appears a prince that looks suspiciously similar to Gilbert Blythe.

I could do it. Gilbert said, looking straight ahead. Anne stopped. What? He turned to look at her; they were just outside Green Gables now. I could do it. I could court you. What- We- You- I- You don’t like me like that. Anne sputtered. Gilbert smirked at her. Well we could pretend. I could court you and be your fake boyfriend. For one of the few times in her life, Anne Shirley-Cuthbert was speechless.

Red, White and Royal Blue

But now, here he is, with Alex as his soulmate. That’s a plot twist if he ever saw one coming.” or a firstprince soulmate/sharing a bed au that no one asked for but we all needed

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