before you follow, please note that:

  • i will not follow any under the age of 17, as i feel it's inappropriate since i am an adult.
  • i am severely mentally ill, so i might become unresponsive and/or disappear for a few days on end.
  • i talk a lot about social justice issues without forewarning and will retweet things concerning issues surrounding racism/gender/sexuality/etc.
  • i am an abuse and csa survivor. i may talk about my experience with both at times.
  • i am incredibly rt-heavy (mostly pics of idols i like) so if you don't like constant spamming i suggest not following

do NOT follow if:

  • you are under the age of 17 (for your comfort and mine!)
  • you are racist/homophobic/transphobic/bigoted in any way
  • you believe any sort of reverse oppression exists
  • you use slurs that you cannot reclaim
  • you are fatphobic
  • you believe that being mentally ill excuses abusive behavior
  • you ship real people and/or create headcanons for them
  • you support Donald Trump's administration
  • you are not an intersectional feminist and/or identify as a men's rights activist
  • you support/defend/practice ddlg
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