where the insane histrionics that don't make it into my research notebook live

obsessed w the little bear illustration in this copy of the cornellian,,, they have the cutest mascot ever i swear <3

like the number of cornell bears i have on my computer,, madness x

torn-out notebook page: september 3, 2021

i've at long last begun reading the sorley biography (the only one in existence!) and it was worth the entire price of tuition for this semester to have happened upon the never-before-seen pictures included in this rare and beautiful book...

like !!! look at him! look at my charlie! my goodness! so very solemn! so very dour! witness this athlete! wow!!

the folded arms + affected frown are TOO precious, esp. when one knows what a bundle of smiles he was,,, one can imagine the picture being taken and him immediately dropping the act, turning to the fellow beside him, making a witty remark and suddenly all the boys have dissolved into laughter,,,

absolutely obsessed. sorley hated having his picture taken and so i've contented myself with looking at the same three portraits for ages,, what an unexpected delight this is! i love it here!

edmund gets it,,, we love a fellow biographer in arms <3

sweetheart jewelry my beloved <3

me: might i throw my "hat in the ring" with you fellas?

the entire 94th aero: *INORDINATE GROANING*

october 22, 2021: intertextuality or, unexpected resonances

clues: roots of an evidential paradigm – carlo ginzburg

first draft, the tragic third act of alan winslow

aug 3 2021 ∞
oct 23 2021 +