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  • jun. 5: draft registration day in 1917
  • jun. 6: 77th anniversary of d-day
    • thinks about endymion. pain <3
  • jun. 6: 103 years since belleau wood
  • jun. 8: kate's publication day!!!
  • jun. 16: bloomsday ◡̈
  • jun. 20: father's day! :0)
  • jun. 21: first day of summer! ☼
  • jun. 21: elsie's birthday!!!!!!
    • france, june 22, 1918:
    • dear dad, yesterday as well as being the longest day of the year was the day when i became a year older. it also marked a big success in the field for the allies, for which i am duly thankful.
  • jun. 26: clare's birthday!!!!!! (●'◡'●)ノ♥


  • ✓ finish reading cézanne book in french
  • hello yes. finish first draft of bumby essay


  • coconut refreshers..... still !!!!
  • edmund charles blunden.... what ELSE is new i can't believe this time last year i had no idea how hard i was going to fall in l-word with him.... like honey you have got a BIG storm coming !!!! batten down the hatches baby!


  • writing this bumby essay got me sitting in bed at 10 pm reading the Monthly Publication of the Association of Civil Engineers of Cornell University, Vol. 25 No. 7 - April 1917 and taking pages of notes on tensile versus compressive stress with regards to bridge construction.... pulling books off the engineering shelf at work and leafing through them between rushes.... the diagrams alone are so mind-bendingly complicated i truly cannot fathom how he & elsie did it... smart ivy league kings <3
  • driving around w justin, our classic aimless summer wandering, hotel california on repeat, as ever, as always,, how comforting the cyclic nature of life!!
  • a glorious morning at the library spent happily pulling books off the shelves (too many), toting them down the street to the coffee shop, and sitting amongst them reading with an iced coffee and the murmur of conversation all around... i felt as though i'd gone tripping back in time to the earliest and loveliest months of 2020, when everything was still all cafe writing and poem annotations and admiring the morning light falling in cascades through the windows.... such sweet nostalgia!

good things about the month

  • eric carle illustrations; warm, early summer days; more and more and more books, so many i have to bring them home in boxes; iced matcha lattes; kate's new book!!! i can't wait to read it; slow but sure progress on writing; taking time to rest; the loud, insistent song of the cicadas; trips to the old thrift store; afternoons w nikolai, who always brightens my day; the prime of miss jean brodie; books i've bought simply for the intricate + furious marginalia of their former owners; bird watching; blue ink stained fingertips; days off w justie, finding the joyful corners of doing absolutely nothing; free iced lattes; high-waisted shorts weather; chattering w customers about the books they're buying, trying not to bounce when it's a book i love; coconut pear lip balm; a pair of gold necklaces; blueberry cake for elsie's birthday, whose letters i'm so lucky to have; the morose, crackling skies before a thunderstorm; my dearest edmund blunden; slowly learning bird songs + learning to love their infinite variety; dean-charles!! i missed seeing him on my screen, my wonderful boy; notebooks and post-it notes; a happy morning at the library and coffee shop; the infinite convolutions of margin note-taking; simone weil;
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